Southwest Cylinder Test - Gas Cylinder Test Station No:431


Australian Standard AS:2030 requires all LPG cylinders to be verified (re-tested) at 10 year intervals.

For information regarding the Federal Goverment Grant for LPG conversions, visit

As per the Alternative Automotive Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB) code of practice and the relevant Australian Standards, It is important that all LPG automotive cylinders be installed/reinstalled by an accredited LPG installer. To locate an accredited installer near you, visit which can also be accessed from the Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association website.

For testing of SCUBA cylinders, visit or call in at the Daktari, 453 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool. Phone:5561 6108

Play it Safe!!!!
LPG blast destroys dwelling

05/06/2005 - A man and woman escaped injury as their house was demolished in a gas explosion that blew it off the ground and sent bricks flying into the air yesterday. Firefighters were called to the suburban Melbourne house yesterday afternoon after LPG from a car leaked under the house and caught fire. Country Fire Authority spokeswoman Andrea Brown said the explosion sent the house 15 centimetres into the air and blew bricks from the front wall of the home. Ms Brown said the couple inside the house in Albert Street, Hallam, was treated at the scene for shock. "They're two very lucky people, everyone's quite amazed given the force of the explosion and the fact that there was also fire involved," she said. One of the occupants, a man in his 30s, had been working on a gas-fuelled car in his garage and had ruptured a gas line, Ms Brown said. Unaware the gas was leaking, the man continued working then went inside. The gas exploded shortly after 1pm and the $400,000 house was described by Ms Brown as "a total loss."